Administration Officers


Sherwood Raymond, Jr.

Responsibility to delegate all responsibilities and assign work duties for the best interests of the Corporation. He/She shall see that the members perform their duties and report violations to the Personnel Committee. The President shall also appoint special Corporate Committees.

Vice President 

Timothy Menard

To assist the President in the discharge of his/her duties. In the absence of the President, he/she shall take over all duties of the President.


Kala Huntley

Records monthly meeting and Personnel Committee minutes. Corresponds with other persons and agencies regarding fire company business. Serves on the Personnel Committee to review applicants and recommend action regarding violations of department rules and regulations. 


Carrie Milton

Controls fire company money at the direction of the members and the Board of Trustees. Pays bills and deposits money from various sources of income. Responsible for submitting required State and Federal Tax filings. 

Personnel Committee Chairwoman 

Stacy Gould

Accepts incoming applications for membership for review purposes. Recommends action to the membership regarding membership status changes at monthly meetings. As part of the committee reviews violations of department rules and regulations. Recommends possible discipline to the membership for further comment and approval. 

Financial Secretary 

James Malchman

Responsible for collecting annual dues from the members and issuing a new membership card when dues are paid. Issues a life membership card when members are accepted as a life member. Reports members delinquent in dues payment to the personnel committee for further action. 

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